Funding Micro and SME Business

We empower the micro and SMEs community to forge a path of dynamic growth.

About Us

Aspirasi is a seamless digital financing platform for micro and SME businesses. We offer micro finance and micro insurance services to help the underserved community achieve their business goals.

What do we offer?

Digital Micro-Financing for Micro and SMEs

Working Capital

  • For enterprises, especially micro and SMEs

  • 3-month to 12-month tenure

  • Full solution including e-collection

Invoice Financing

  • For small time vendors and merchants

  • 2-weeks to 1-month tenure

  • Full solution including e-collection

Supply Chain Financing

  • For FMCG and other supply chain merchants

  • 2-weeks to 3-months tenure

  • Full solution including e-collection

What Sets Us Apart

We offer a novel digital loan application journey with instant underwriting and fast disbursement, offering customers an unparalleled experience unlike any other


100% digital experience via mobile application


Journey in less than 3 minutes


A.I.-driven smart credit rating

How it works

In just a few quick and easy steps, micro and SMEs can get fast disbursement of funds, without the hassle of paperwork

Brands we work with

Axiata Digital